Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Waste Transportation

Metropolitan Environmental Services, Inc. utilizes Select Transportation, Inc. (Select) as our hazardous waste transporter. Metropolitan Environmental Services, Inc. and Select are linked contractually, and Select’s operation is adjacent to our location in Hilliard, Ohio. Select’s transportation services include the capabilities to haul hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste in liquid, sludge, or dry form.

Through our hazardous waste hauling program, liquids are hauled in our trucks and tankers, which all meet DOT Specification MC-312. Our units have the ability to pull vacuum, or we can build positive pressure to facilitate unloading. Alternatively, dry materials are hauled in dump trucks, dump trailers, and roll-off containers.

  • Trucks and Tankers: Sludge materials are usually transported in specially built trucks and vacuum tankers, with which we have the ability to open a rear door, elevate the tank, and empty the tank with the assistance of hydraulic shakers. These features are essential for unloading viscous liquids and sludges.
  • Drums: We can also pick up drums of waste from our customers for transportation to a treatment or disposal facility – whatever works best for our customers.
  • Roll-Off Boxes: If you’re looking or more time, we can equip your facility with a “roll-off box”, which is a large trash container that can be staged at your site, filled over time, and picked up by our team for disposal.