Closed Loop System for Coal Combustion Residual Dredging and Dewatering from A Recycle Pond with Landfill Placement

Two companies from the Carylon Sediments Group, Mobile Dredging and Video Pipe Inc. and Metropolitan Environmental Services Inc. developed a process which was used to successfully remove and dewater coal combustion residuals from an in-service 4.9 hectare lined Recycle Basin Pond at the OUC Stanton 1500 megawatts power generating station. The process involved hydraulic dredging of residuals from the Recycle Basin Pond, long distance pumping of residuals with a distance of approximately 1,300 meters and a 28 meters increase in elevation, mechanical dewatering of the residuals at the on-site Combustion Waste Storage Area landfill site, direct placement of the dewatered residuals on the landfill face, and treatment of the process filtrate to remove solids so that stringent 200 ppm TSS levels could be maintained for returning all process water to the Recycle Pond. Approximately, 21,000 cubic meters of residuals were removed, dewatered and placed at the site landfill with no TSS violations while the Recycle Pond remained in service.

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