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We provide high velocity jetting and power bucketing for fast, effective cleaning of sewer lines. Clogged sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare of municipal health hazards. Whether clogging is caused by sewage backup or natural disasters such as landslides, mudflows or floods, you need someone who can respond with the right type of equipment and experienced personnel. That’s when you can count on Metropolitan Environmental Services.

Our sewer cleaning services include:

High Velocity Jetting: Our customized jetting equipment sets up in minutes and rids your sewers of blockages more quickly than any other method available. Turbulent action of water pumped at up to 165 gpm through specially designed nozzles at pressures up to 2,500 psi literally scours your sewers clean. Obstructions and debris are removed without any damage to sewer walls whatsoever.

Power Bucketing: For fast, effective cleaning of your severely clogged sewer lines, we use specially designed, machine-driven buckets and scrapers that are specifically sized for the pipe being cleaned. No other firm can match our extensive power bucketing experience.


Using the latest digital and CCTV equipment and reporting methods, we can provide unmatched quality, flexibility and reliability in sewer inspection. Trouble spots, such as cracked or broken tiles, offset joints, and blockages are quickly and precisely located without excavation. Our software produces the most sophisticated - yet user friendly - data collection, analysis, reporting and archiving.

With extensive -and in most cases predefined - input possibilities, all data needed for your pipe inspection and rehabilitation plan can be quickly and completely registered. In addition to high-tech reporting, you receive the best in evaluation and archiving of pipe inspection results.

Project information, pipe section observation and photos can be directly analyzed on screen. Data is stored on CD-ROM, flash drive, or drop box for retrieval in seconds. To help make engineering decisions even easier, a huge variety of statistics, manhole and pressure test protocols, inclination profiles and crack-width measurements are available.

Explosion-proof cameras are available for use in specific environments as required.


Using equipment operating at pressures up to 36,000 psi and volumes from 7 gpm to 40 gpm, our technicians quickly cut through stubborn scales and product build-up in boiler and heat exchanger tubes; remove old paint, dirt and rust from structures, machinery and equipment; and literally peel away soft or hardened deposits from chemical processing equipment without any damage to their original surfaces.

Our hydro-blast cleaning is the ideal method for cleaning internal as well as external areas, flat or irregularly shaped surfaces, and for getting at places that, in the past, were almost impossible to reach, let alone clean. In addition, our in-house designed system of micron-filtration allows the capture, filtration, and reuse of the wastewater generated by the cleaning process, reducing the volume of water used by as much as 80 percent. This service is used extensively in conjunction with our vacuum units to control and remove generated effluents and detached materials.


We provide efficient, reliable and high-performing vacuun services for difficult environments. Jobs that used to take days are completed in just hours. Our custom-built vacuum vehicles can quickly cleanup the toughest, dirtiest material, no matter where it’s located.

The tremendous suction generated by our equipment ensures the fast removal of wastes and debris without stirring up dangerous particles or annoying dust. Metal chips, slag, steel shot, wood chips, sawdust, grain, mill scale, slurries, sludge and water are just some of the materials that can be removed quickly and efficiently.

In addition, some of our vacuum vehicles have remote cyclone units attached. These units are used to discharge the vacuumed material directly into a vessel of your choice, saving substantial time and money.

Our vacuum vehicles operate at 3200 to 7500 cfm and at 18 to 27 inches of Mercury, and can move very heavy, wet or dry sludge long distances. A bag house unit filters and controls the air discharge for the vehicle, as well as an ancillary option of a HEPA filter unit that filters the air from the vehicle before it is discharged into the atmosphere.

Our fleet of vacuum vehicles includes those equipped with hydraulic sludge pumps and vacuum roll-off equipment that allow cost-effective simultaneous vacuuming and offloading of material.


Our services include safe and economical excavation in areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment. Below ground utility infrastructures are becoming more and more congested as they are adapted to accommodate greater demands. This has led to increasing safety as well as financial concerns when there is a need to locate and expose such utilities.

Using non-destructive water or air vacuum technology, we can quickly, safely and economically excavate in areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment — even where pressure gas lines and pipelines are present.

Major oil and gas companies, consultants, petrochemical plants and contractors depend on our speed, safety and know-how for everything from potholing, pilot holes and slot-trenching to major excavations. Regulatory authorities recognize our technology as "non-mechanical" excavation, allowing our equipment to work within 5 feet of hotline buffer zone boundaries.

Our Unmatched Guarantee: "You must be satisfied or you pay absolutely nothing for our services."

our advantages

Industry Leading Innovations

From the beginning, Carylon companies have thrived on the notion of innovation. They invented the first continuous rod, truck-mounted power rodder for cleaning sewers, developed the use of closed-circuit television for sewer line inspections, and pioneered the internal sealing of leaking sewers using pressure chemical grouting.

24/7/365 Response When Needed

Carylon companies were among the first to provide privatized disaster response; giving top priority to requests for assistance following any natural or man-made disaster. Our vast resource of men, equipment and experience have helped many disaster-stricken communities restore normalcy to the lives of their residents in the shortest time possible.

Our Unmatched Guarantee

Whether your project calls for the use of one man and one piece of equipment, or multi-disciplinary crews and a fleet of specialized equipment, we can do the job, and do it right. And, we don't just say we can - we guarantee it. All work is backed by a guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.